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Post by Bluerose on Wed Dec 16, 2015 8:19 pm

Note: This is for entertainment purposes only.

Welcome To - The Oracle

The Oracle has a message for you.
Only use The Oracle when seeking an answer.
Think about your question and then choose a number 1 - 50.
Now read the oracle's message.

01) Embrace Your Dreams
02) There Can be No Turning Back
03) Don't Be Sorry Be Smarter
04) Rise Above The Drama
05) Least Said Soonest Mended
06) That Which We Resist We Retain
07) Look At Life From The Inside Out
08) Refuse To Take Life Too Seriously
09) Absence Makes The Heart Forget
10) Most Of What Seems Serious Isn't
11) Never Mistake Motion For Action
12) Respect Is Earned Not Demanded
13) Fortune And Love Befriend The Bold
14) Your Worst Battles Are With Yourself
15) The Best Guidelines Are In Your Head
16) Cultivate The Art Of Positive Thinking
17) Let Go And Allow The Future To Unfold
18) You Are The Architect Of Your Own Life
19) Anything Feeble Will Simply Crumble
20) Necessity Never Made A Good Bargain
21) Trust Your Bodies Ability To Heal Itself
22) Stay Strong And Stay Above The Battles
23) Good Health Is Often About Prevention
24) A Word To The Wise Is Usually Sufficient
25) Away With Hang Ups And Half Measures
26) Don't Speak About Them - Speak To Them
27) Eighty Percent Of Success Is Showing Up
28) Let Go Of Outdated Beliefs And Concepts
29) You Can't Change The Past Only Accept It
30) Smart People Learn From Their Mistakes
31) Even A Stopped Clock Is Right Twice A Day
32) The Necessary Changes Make Themselves
33) Continue To Carve Your Own Unique Path
34) Act As If You Are In Control Until You Are
35) The Source Of Miracles Is A Changed Mind
36) No Man Is Ever Old Enough To Know Better
37) Action Makes More Fortunes Than Caution
38) Hurtful Words Are Very Hard To Take Back
39) You Have The Ability To Re-Shape Your Life
40) There Is Nothing But Thinking Makes It So
41) There Is More Than One Side To Every Story
42) You Need No One's Approval But Your Own
43) Take A Closer Look At How Things Really Are
44) The Only Way To Have A Friend Is To Be One
45) Every Exit Is An Entry Some place Else
46) Deal Positively With Unfamiliar Feelings
47) The Truth Varies With Each Individual
48) A Moment's Thinking Is An Hour In Words
49) A Positive Attitude Attracts Positive Results
50) Chance Favours The Prepared Mind

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